Maitland Photography: Blog en-us (C) Maitland Photography (Maitland Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:33:00 GMT Nikon D600 A few weeks ago I stayed at Down Hall Country House Hotel with some friends as part of a spa weekend. On the last day, we were taking some pictures, and my camera suddenly refused to continue and just said "Err" in the LCD display. Battery out, cards out, all back in - no change. Save settings, reboot - no change. After the panic had begun to subside, I eventually solved the problem (via Google) by removing the battery and cards and replacing the battery only and taking a couple of shots. This cleared the buffer by saving the images as demos and all was good again. 
It turned out that the fault was with the battery pack I had attached (non Nikon). I use a Black Rapid strap, which i love, which attaches to the tripod mount under the camera, or in my case, the bottom of the battery pack. It would seem that the weight of the camera pulling on the pack may have affected the contacts. So I'm no longer using the battery pack and all is well again.
But it did raise another point. What if this happened on a shoot! I really need a backup. As I've only had full frame cameras, my lenses are all FX full frame lenses. I know they are compatible with APS-C cameras but a friend of mine (who bought my D700) has had some focusing issues mixing formats so full frame SLR is what I wanted.
So I got a D600 and what a camera it is. I'm not going to do a review here as the internet is awash with them but suffice to say this isn't going to be a backup but will sit along side of the D800e.
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Start up of the web site I've been 'taking pictures' for quite a while but have only been taking it seriously for the last few years since I bought my first digital SLR, a Nikon D700. Most of my subjects were landscape and architecture but the last year has seen a move into fashion and model photography and I'm totally hooked.The D700 was replaced with a D800e and the number (and size!) of the pictures climbed. I've been putting some of them on Facebook and opened accounts on ModelMayhem ( and PurplePort ( but eventually felt I wanted a place of my own.

This has all led naturally to the start of this web site.

I will try to update this blog with the various shoots and workshops I attend and anything photographically interesting I come across.

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